earthly possessions :D

I dunno but it seems that people not born in a luxurious life seems to be more inclined with wanting to have more possessions.

Although I am not born with a silver spoon, but I was provided pretty much everything I need and somehow I get to also have what I want. So basically, nowadays, I am not inclined to have more possessions, the material things people want these days like an updated phone, car, or simply the unnecessary shopping sprees one could get. Probably because I consider myself as not as materialistic as how I see others. (Oh yes, I still consider myself materialistic but not as much.) I am pretty much contented having more on the need side than the wants side, but once in awhile I also indulge myself to have the things that would make my life more comfortable or just anything that my heart desires (just sometimes).

Well anyway, going back to the topic, I knew a lot of people and as I observed them, people who were raised in a not-so-financially stable households, tends to buy whatever they see that probably would give them satisfaction of having less when they were growing up. They tend to get the unnecessary things, temporary things that probably could only give them happiness for few hours or days or so.

I dont know, or maybe I am just making observing people as my hobby these days. But yeah thats what I notice, but I dont know if I am right about saying their happiness is temporary with their possession.

I noticed, some find jewelries very dear, while others love shoes that they dont even use. Phones that they would only use for a week or a month then get another one, or just whatever they could prolly think of wanting to get.

Somehow, observing these people, makes me wonder if they are happy with what they do. Or if they get any satisfaction with what they buy or posses. I also wonder if there will be a chance to reach a point wherein they would harm other people just to get what they want. Also, it makes me think if this only applies to material things or does it include people.

This is just my though about them, I have nothing bad against these people, Im just venting out my mind on how I see them. So to those who are offended about this post, I am sorry. But in case you have something to say about this, I would appreciate and more willing to know your opinion.

Thank you for droppin by my page and have a great day! :*


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