Music thoughts tonight

So I have always been music minded ever since my primary years. but these days, ILYSB by LANY has been my it.
I dunno, but the beat is just, feel-good beat. You understand what Im saying? “oh my heart is so good, i love you babe, so bad” 😉

I also discover the reggae version of say it, I dunno who sang the reggae one though but the original one was done by voices of theory. its pretty cool, its a beat you wanna have while relaxing at the beach.

Another song that has been on my play-repeat list these days is a song by Frankie J, And I had you there. The song feels like it can hit you right to the spot. I love it.

Well yeah, these are my thoughts tonight and I hope somehow you can relate to these songs. Enjoy! ^^,


These are the links of the songs mentioned, so incase you wanna check it:


Say it (reggae)

And I had you there by Frankie J


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