just my talking self ;)

i have been wanting to write since two months ago but a whirlwind of events just making blogging so impossible. now, since i get the time off, i might as well put my brain in good use.

I finished a month long training for teaching english as second language. the training was a hell of a fun! yup! it was an awesome one month. yet although, right before it ended I got a call and offered for a job, which was off from what I was doing. The company was convincing enough that I said yes.
so here i am, on my desk typing the wrods in my head.

its a sunny quiet afternoon today, I just finished my task for today and i have time to do a post. i miss being online, and most times I wish, if only the brain has an auto connection to my blog so that everytime theres these crazy ideas in my head, my brain could just directly type it online and i need not to get a physical computer just for me to type it out.

anyway, reality check–its not happening. wel, atleast for the time being though.
but yeah its nice to fantasize sometimes, or most times in my case.

so how are you guys these days? i noticed there are 2 major things happening in the society these days: matters of the heart and death.
these are two subjects that never goes old.

friends are heart broke, they sounded so helpless and so depress, like as if theres no hope for it or like its the end of life kind of matter. and speaking of, yes, death. thats something inevetablle, and no matter how rich and powerful a person is, if death knocks on the door, power and money will never be able to save the person.

oh i dunno what im talking about, im prolly just sleepy on this lazy day.
later! ❤


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