a moment like this :)

its one of those moments when you’re in front of your
computer and just dont know what to do whether or
not you’ll gonna write something smart and
interesting or just feel the random music playing;
listening to Chris Brown, I shouldve kissed you but
then Selena answers what the heart wants what it
wants then comes fifth harmony sayin about havin to
work at home and they just keep going and you
realize that youre able to write something to keep
the eyes going and thats that. These songs are just
a sweet distraction, although i hate to admit it
but Im loving it.

For example it gets me curious about Selena’s same
old love –makes me think, is she refferin to
Beiber? well, you get what I mean. Its very
interesting though, although I dont know the real
thing behind the song but yeah you understand
right? Its just internalizing these lyrics, they
can inspire you, break you, make you emotional or
perhaps make you more upset and the list continues.
Just like the now I can be the real me of Adam
DiMarco; he can now be the real him –man I wonder
how long he figure that lol cheers Adam!

well I guess Im just gonna continue listening here
and do my shake shake senor of Pitbull.



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