The trouble mind of a lonely heart

I worry not what i think
Nor if i may able to see the lght
Where can i find you?
In this dark night my mind wanders
Nothing has  ever cross my mind but thoughts of you
Should i care more when i know u dont?
Where are you speak to me!

The dawn breaks a color that blinds me
Color of joy that filled my heart
But tears ran these cheeks as you are far away
Will there be any tomorror for this lonely soul?
I speak but only myself understands

Walking in the woods as the heat of the sun shone behind me
Searching for a path that leads to the unknown
Where can i find you?
Again i asked myself with a troubled heart
Walking straight walking low
Amidst these forest trees are high
But my sorrows are pure and so are my sighs

Darkness came and ive reached a cliff
What will i do, should i dive or go back home?
I wonder, long moment of silence broke my thoughts
I could not think of anything else
So i look at the horizon
Where can i find you?


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