The long journey begins


A excerpt from the book describing the feelings of ‘boys of all ages’ deals with when wanting to achieve something and also need to hurry back home to be with their love ones.

These past days I have been reading a book by Steve Chapman (a compilation  stories base of his experiences).

So far, I’ve been on his second story, And the long journey begins; It is about how waiting for the right time a thing to be better or successful.

In the story he highlighted how his son, Nathan, wanted to join them (Steve and his wife, Annie) perform a song on stage. But as a musician, they knew, Nathan was not ready yet and they also don’t want him to be discouraged if in case something goes wrong in his performance.

So Steve then had to explain to Nathan that it is very important to familiarize the  chords if he wants to play the guitar on stage with them –because a single mistake matters.

For that reason, Nathan had to be more focus and more familiar with his guitar chords  when he perform. He had to make sure that he was really ready and familiar with what to do when on stage.

More so, his patience paid off, being familiar with playing the guitar, Nathan became one of the ‘big guys’ in his chosen field.

Thus, the journey (process) we go through, helps us be able to arrive at our destination (goal).


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