Hey pretty boi  .. oh yes you
Come on over now so i can kiss you
Did u know that i miss you
Wait a minute do u know that its true
Have i ever tel u that i love you
Believe me baby coz i said so
I am ur baby and ur my man
Altogether now we can make a plan
Aint this funny coz im rappin now
Wit all the lyric that rhyme somehow

So tell me babe are u my princess
The iron man wit a dimple so priceless
Are u laughin now coz u see me im cute
Du want me now in a parachute
You and i for ever will be
Im your huney and ur my bee
Stop gigglin now coz ima serious
Or u laughin at coz ima hilarious

I bite i punch and i kick
Baby boi will u b mah side kick
Ru lovin the feelin of my attention
You got me hooked on u like an addiction
I know its crazy but im lovin u now
Its real baby can u feel it somehow
I dont wana lose you boi in my life
Ill be forever faithful as ur wife


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