An image of a girl (ghost) inside the house in Dumaguete. Photo taken last August 30.

Last week, I received a message from a friend in high school; she was  asking me about a particular book back then. It was about reincarnation, its process and the likes. I informed her that the book was borrowed and was never able to retrieve it.

Surprisingly, she said that the book is just at my mother’s room, but that is not possible. although there is one area of my mom’s room that I haven’t checked yet, perhaps it is there. So anyway, I told her that the book is not there but I will check on it again.

We talked and all of a sudden I remember about this photo. I sent it to her and asked her if there is a way she could know if the ghost was the same one back when I was in a dormitory –and she said yes.

For whatever reason the ghost was at home, that she cant figure out. although my friend was definite that the ghost was not at home for me. The question now is why is the ghost at home? Was he looking for someone in particular?



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